We at Steam Generation Corporation are dedicated to assuring quality workmanship on all projects. Our consistent high level of quality is directly attributable to the excellent skills of our craftsmen supported by our extensive QA/QC program. This program encompasses drawings, design calculations, specifications, material procurement, and most notably, welding. Our complete QA/QC program manual is available upon request from our corporate office.

 SGC's welding program was developed to meet the requirements of ASME, AWS and/or API. We have enjoyed an impeccable reputation for achieving low rejection rates of welded piping, tubing, vessel, and boiler components. Our success dates back to when SGC was formed in 2001, with the specific focus of performing difficult boiler and vessel repair work. A permanent QA/QC manager and staff were established at that time and developed our in-house welding procedures.

Steam Generation Corporation is a holder of the R, S, U, NB and ASME stamps.

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