Picture of Fabricated and installed primary and secondary superheaters with inconel overlay at the Dinuba Power Plant in Reedley, California.

Left: Picture of Main steam replacement at Dinuba Energy in Reedley, California. Right: Picture of Upgraded stainless from 316L to AL6N stainless piping and expansion joints at the Pichness Cogeneration Plant in Caustic, California.
Plant Improvements And
Picture of Upgraded superheater headers from rolled tubes to welded tubes.In the early 1980's, electric utilities and process industries began to place increased emphasis on condition assessment technologies for improving unit reliability and availability. The improved predictive maintenance programs arising from this new information allows for selective component replacement.

Picture of Two units completed and installed feedwater systems at the SRP Desert Basin in Casa Grande, Arizona.
Steam Generation
provides mechanical construction and maintenance services for the modernization of existing plant equipment. These improvement projects have involved the installation of component redesigns,material system upgrades and new equipment.

Surrounding equipment is sometimes operational and often limits access in the work area, requiring our personnel to be innovative in their approach to the execution of a particular project. SGC effectively interfaces with plant engineering, maintenance and operation departments to ensure a successful project.

The ethic that drives SGC's high standards of quality, productivity and performance is the cost-effective, on-time completion of our construction services. We service the following industries: power generation, oil and gas refining and petro-chemical minerals.
Left: Picture of Upgraded outdated sootblower system with new rotory full track sootblower. Fabricated new sootblower boxes, on-site bending of new waterwall tubes, repluming of inlet steam-line and repluming steam traps and drain. Right: Picture of Fabricated and installed catwalks to support new feedwater piping.
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