Top: Picture of Installation of fuel feed chute waterwall panels at Greenleaf Power in Mecca, California. Bottom Left and Bottom Center: Pictures of Installation of 20 inch HDPE piping at the Mesquite Power Plant in Arlington, Arizona. Bottom Right: Picture of Attemperator change-out at the SRP Santan Generating Station in Gilbert, Arizona.
Picture of Combustor roof tubes replacement at Greenleaf Power in Mecca, California.Steam Generation Corporation performs critical, time-intensive work with excellent results. During twelve years of providing service to the construction industry, we have never missed a start-up deadline.

Our intrinsic ability to plan and execute within allocated work schedules has earned SGC a record of proven performance on every overhaul, shutdown, and turnaround, ranging from minor repairs to the most complex and demanding of projects.

Picture of Primary and secondary superheat replacement at Greenleaf Power in Mecca, California.We assemble a working field force comprised of supervisors and cross-crafted personnel who are selected for skill capabilities specific to each client's project requirements. The company employs a work force that averages twenty years of experience per man in the construction industry.

SGC's field management staff is well-versed in expediting labor-intensive projects with the greatest efficiency.

They are prepared to respond quickly to unforeseen changes in work scope in order to prevent schedule slippage and increased project costs. We have the latest software for CPM (critical path method) scheduling, planning, and critical path monitoring.

Picture of Generator tube replacement.The core of our strength as a contractor is centered on fundamental knowledge and capabilities in the basic skill areas such as heavy rigging and welding. We have the equivalent of hundreds of man-years in rigging experience at the management and supervisory level. SGC has forged an impeccable reputation with our clients by achieving rejection rates below industry standards of welded piping, tubing, vessel and boiler components.
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