Top: Picture of Valve replacement. Bottom Left: Picture of Replacing P-91 drain piping. Bottom Center: Picture of Approved vendor for GE to test turbine piping for leaks and flex hoses. Bottom Right: Picture of Spring can adjustment and change-out.
Picture of Stress relieving.Efficient delivery of maintenance services is our specialty. Steam Generation Corporation is completely staffed and equipped to provide these services to our clients. Our broad maintenance and repair experience enables us to work on a variety of plant equipment from the steam plant to the process machinery.

We perform routine maintenance on annual contracts. Due to our excellent supervision and extensive experience, we perform our duties with minimal direction from plant personnel. The result is a more productive client maintenance staff that works efficiently with SGC to produce on-time delivery of equipment to plant operations.

Picture of GE gas turbine testing flex hoses.SGC is adept at responding to emergency repairs requiring skilled craft labor to work in adverse conditions. Our work force can perform under difficult situations that require correct decisions and quality performance in order to prevent any delay returning the equipment to service. Our services are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Many times during scheduled plant or system overhauls, shutdowns or turnarounds, the exact condition of the equipment is unknown until the unit is opened for inspection. If the planned scope of work increases due to additional repair/replacement requirements, SGC often fabricates the necessary parts on-site (depending on their degree of complexity) in an effort to facilitate proper equipment repair and maintain the original work schedule. Emergency response situations are no different. Our work force performs on-site emergency fabrication and installations.
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