Top: Picture of Fabrication of aluminum header. Bottom Left: Picture of Fabrication of Brine concentrate tank. Bottom Center: Picture of Machining of header end caps. Bottom Right: Picture of Fabrication of fuel feed chutes for the IVRRC, Power Plant in El Centro, California.
Picture of Fabrication of header Unit #3 at the APS West Phoenix Power Plant.Steam Generation Corporation is proud to provide a full service metal fabrication for all our customer needs. We offer a wide range of fabrication and installation with exceptional focus on each and every project.

With over 157 years of combined experience, our expert management and craft personnel coordinate every project to be completed on time per ASME and National Board code.

Steam Generation Corporation's manufacturing department is ASME certified to Section I, Power Boilers, Section VIII Pressure Vessels, and ANSI/ASME B 31.1 Power Piping. SGC holds the "R", "S" and "U" stamps.

Products fabricated by SGC include superheater headers, tube elements, economizer headers, waterwall panels, stainless steel tanks, reheat headers, condensers and heat exchangers.

SGC's commitment is to provide the highest quality fabrication with the most dependable on schedule delivery within the industry.
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